Acidity Relief For Fast & Long-Lasting Relief From Acidity-30 Capsules

Benefits of Acidity Relief

Helps regulate acid secretion

Helps provide fast & long-lasting acidity relief

Helps relieve burning sensation & discomfort

Helps relieve indigestion & bloating


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  • Looking for a fast and effective natural remedy for acidity? Look no further than Dr. Vaidya’s Acidity Relief. It is a 100% Ayurvedic, fast-acting acidity medicine made using 13 potent ayurvedic herbs.
  • The pure ayurvedic ingredients in Acidity Relief help treat acidity, heartburn, gas, and other GERD symptoms. The ayurvedic medicine for gas and acidity calms your pitta while alleviating indigestion and chest burn caused by GERD and other ailments. It is also a fast-acting acidity remedy that does not function like any regular antacid that merely neutralises excess acid. The medicine for stomach acid has ingredients that help regulate stomach acid secretion to maintain optimum pH levels and strengthen digestion while alleviating constipation and regularising bowel movements.

Super Herbs In Acidity Relief Capsules:


Dr. Vaidya’s Acidity Relief is made using 100% natural ayurvedic ingredients that help provide relief from acidity:

  • 1. Avipattikar Churna: The ayurvedic herb is highly effective with acidity, indigestion and constipation. It reduces acid formation and provides relief from heartburn.
  • 2. Shankha Bhasma: The herb is a natural remedy for acidity that helps manage conditions like acid reflux as it possesses antacid properties.
  • 3. Mukta Pishti: It is known to have excellent digestive properties. It counterbalances the excess acid in the stomach and provides immediate relief from acidity.
  • 4. Amla: Amla helps beat the symptoms of acidity and brings long-term relief.

Who Should Take It?

You should consume Dr. Vaidya’s Acidity Relief if you are struggling with:

  •  Acid Secretion: Shankha Bhasma in the ayurvedic medicine for acidity and gastritis helps reduce acid secretion.
  •  Burning sensation and discomfort: If you are struggling with burning sensation and discomfort in your chest, Acidity Relief by Dr. Vaidya’s helps comfort you and reduce burning.
  •  Bloating and Indigestion due to Acid: The ayurvedic medicines for GERD in this formulation help bring relief from bloating and indigestion due to acid.
Product Details

Requires prescription: No

Net quantity: 30 Acidity Relief capsules per pack

Non-hormonal formula & non-habit-forming


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