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Dr.Vaidya’s Herboslim Tablet- 30Tablets


Get rid of visible fat and excess weight, naturally

Dr. Vaidya’s Herboslim is a potent ayurvedic fat burner that is curated by expert doctors to provide fast & consistent results. The 8 super herbs in Herboslim provide this new age Ayurved product with its powerful weight loss attributes. High Concentration of Garcinia (a tropical fruit that helps in reducing appetite & weight loss) aids faster weight loss if supported with the right diet and lifestyle.

How does Herboslim work?

  • • Herbs like Medohar Guggul stimulate the body’s fat metabolism, enhancing the effects of fat-burning exercises to promote natural weight loss.
  • • Herbs like Garcinia help suppress the appetite and hunger cravings, making it easier to stick to a diet and feel fuller.

8 Super Herbs in Herboslim & their impact

  • 1) Medohar Guggul: is an Ayurvedic formulation of ten herbs like Triphala, Guggul and Musta that stimulates metabolism and helps burn excess body fat.
  • 2) Vrukshamal (Garcinia): helps suppress appetite to reduce the food intake and fat-storage for natural weight loss.
  • 3) Meshshrungi: helps decrease sugar cravings and reduces food intake to aid weight loss.
  • 4) Methi: promotes feelings of fullness and satisfaction to reduce dietary calorie intake, while boosting fat metabolism to promote weight loss.
  • 5) Musta: helps break down fat to speed up fat burn.
  • 6) Apamarg Kshar: helps reduce the excess accumulation of body fat and helps maintain blood lipid levels.
  • 7) Aragvadha: helps inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines while its laxative properties promote detoxification and water loss to reduce weight
  • 8) Pippali: helps increase fat metabolism, decrease fat accumulation in the body and helps get rid of fatty toxins.
Product Details

Requires prescription: No

Net quantity: 30 Herboslim tablets per pack

100% natural with no known side effects

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