Giloy Juice: For Liver Detox & Quick Recovery from Illnesses-950ml

  • Helps boost immunity
  • Helps promote liver detox
  • Helps combat joint disorders
  • Helps quick recovery from illnesses & infections


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  • Dr. Vadiya’s Giloy Ras is the right ayurvedic remedy for enhancing health and boosting immunity. It is a refreshing drink that also helps improve digestion, boost energy levels, help fight infections and regulate blood sugar levels.
  • It is made from the extracts of the Giloy leaves which is the best medicinal herb for good health. The activating properties of this giloy juice activate the white blood cells in the immune system and help fight infection-causing pathogens.
  • It also helps flush out toxins and its antimicrobial properties help cure allergies, colds and other respiratory problems. Giloy juice is also found to reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, one of the Giloy Juice benefits include maintaining skin health and weight loss.

100% Forest Collected Giloy


  • Giloy juice benefits are numerous and can be consumed by any normal person.

Who Should Take it?


Giloy ras is made using 100% natural giloy leaves. The antioxidants present in the giloy leaves help detoxification of the body. They help build immunity and enhance overall health and well-being. It also helps get rid of infections and regulates blood sugar levels.

  • • For Immunity and good health: If you are aiming to boost immunity and develop good health, then giloy ras can come as an aid.
  • • Digestive problems and infections: Infections and digestive problems can be cured with the help of Dr Vaidya’s best giloy juice.
  • • Blood sugar regulation: Giloy ras helps in regulating blood sugar levels as well and is an effective cure against diabetes.
  • • Fights fatigue and stress: Giloy juice benefits in getting rid of fatigue and stress as well and helps develop overall well-being.
Product Details

Requires prescription: No

Net quantity: 950 ml of Giloy Ras Concentrate per pack

Non-hormonal formula & non-habit-forming


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