Pain Relief Caps: To Relieve Joint & Muscle Pain- 30 Capsules

Benefits of Pain Relief Caps
  • Helps relieve joint & muscle pain
  • Helps relieve swelling & inflammation
  • Helps reduce joint stiffness
  • Helps improve joint flexibility & mobility


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  • Dr Vaidya’s Ayurvedic Pain Relief Caps is an enhanced formulation of the best-selling Sandhivati. This muscle pain relief formulation is made from ayurvedic herbs like Shallaki, Nirgundi, and Chopchini. Pain relief caps are one of the best natural pain killers that one can opt for if one suffers from long-term joint and muscle pain.
  • Many people have made use of these caps for lower back pain relief and knee pain relief and are a go-to for chronic pain. It is not just medicine for pain relief but is also found to provide relief from inflammation, swelling and stiffness. They are also found to enhance flexibility and restore joint mobility.
  • The pain relief capsules are an effective ayurvedic remedy for those suffering from arthritis. Due to the presence of antioxidants in this pain killer medicine, there is a boost in collagen synthesis which is good for joint health. The goodness of the herbs like Nirgundi and Shallaki is found to boost joint flexibility by aiding in cartilage repair.
    For joint pain relief and to develop healthy joint health, Pain Relief Caps are the best ayurvedic remedy.

Super Herbs In Pain Relief Caps:


Pain relief caps are made from natural ayurvedic herbs that have great benefits on your health. A few of the herbs used in the pain relief caps are:

  • 1. Maharasnadi Quath: The wellness of these herbs helps relieve joint and muscle pain and acts as an effective pain relief medication.
  • 2. Mahayograj Guggul: This herb has great antioxidant properties in it and aids in reducing joint stiffness, thereby promoting easy mobility.
  • 3. Sallaki: Sallaki helps in relaxing the joints and muscles and is a key ingredient in this ayurvedic medicine for pain relief. It also contributes greatly to improving flexibility and mobility.
  • 4. Nirgundi: Nirgundi is one of the important herbs in painkiller medication and helps relieve muscle and joint pain.

Who Should Take It?

The pain relief caps have proved to be the most effective in helping get rid of chronic pain.
It has ayurvedic ingredients that have great healing properties.

  • People suffering from chronic joint and muscle pain can use this ayurvedic medicine for pain relief.
  • Individuals experiencing joint stiffness can make use of Dr Vaidya’s natural pain killers to enhance flexibility and mobility.
  •  Those who suffer from arthritis problems can make use of these pain relief caps.
  •  It also helps get rid of swelling and inflammation and is more than a pain relief medication.
Product Details

Requires prescription: No

Net quantity: 30 Pain Relief Caps per pack

Non-hormonal formula & non-habit-forming


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