Stress Relief: Ayurvedic Stress Remedy That Helps Improves Sleep & Mental Health-30Capsules

Benefits of Stress Relief


  • Helps reduce anxiety & stress
  • Helps promote sound sleep
  • Helps improve focus & clarity
  • Helps promote mental wellbeing


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Dr. Vaidya’s Stress Relief is a well-researched, scientifically formulated ayurvedic medicine for stress and anxiety that promotes sound sleep and helps relax the mind.

This all-natural, stress relief ayurvedic medicine has herbs like Ashwagandha and Jatamansi that calm the mind, elevate your mood, and promote mental well-being while improving sleep at night.

Stress Relief medicine does not cause drowsiness, dependency or withdrawal symptoms either. Consume 1 capsule, twice every day. For best results, take the medicine after lunch and before bedtime for at least 1 month. Embrace a stress-free life with powerful Stress Relief capsules.

Super Herbs In Stress Relief:

The ayurvedic medicine for stress and anxiety is made using 100% natural and ayurvedic herbs that ensure that you get the best treatment.

  • 1. Ashwagandha : Used as an adaptogen, Ashwagandha is known as a great ayurvedic medicine for mental stress and anxiety.
  • 2. Jatamansi: It acts as a brain tonic that helps to improve memory and brain functions by preventing self-damage due to its antioxidant properties.
  • 3. Brahmi: It helps in altering the activity of certain enzymes which are involved in stress response. The ayurvedic treatment for stress helps elevate the mood and reduces stress-causing hormones.
  • 4. Tagar: It helps in reducing anxiety and improves sleep as it relaxes the central nervous system. The ayurvedic herb is a great way to relieve stress naturally.

Who Should Take It?

While there are multiple stress relief products available in the market, the Stress Relief Medicine by Dr. Vaidya’s provides great health benefits without resulting in any side effects. If you are struggling with any of the following issues, you should consider consuming the stress relief ayurvedic medicine to yield positive results:

  •  Trouble Sleeping : Tagar is a great anxiety treatment in Ayurveda and helps promote sound sleep. The medicine helps reduce stress and overthinking ensuring a good night’s sleep.
  •  Stress and Anxiety : The ayurvedic medicine for stress and anxiety is made using ayurvedic herbs that have been used for aeons to relax the mind and reduce anxiety-related symptoms.
  •  Unable to Focus : Stress and anxiety can cause problems with concentration. However, ayurvedic medicine for mental stress can help reduce anxiety and improve your focus and clarity.
Product Details

Requires prescription: No

Number of packs:1

Net quantity: 30 Stress Relief capsules per pack

Completely safe & non habit forming


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